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In this blog, an international student from Japan used to write about what she felt lovely in Ann Arbor (A2), Michigan. Although she graduated in 2007 and went back to Japan, she still loves A2 and continues to write her recent situation, comparing to her life in A2.

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I graduated from The University of Michigan (umich) in 2007, and now work as a TV reporter in Japan. I went to the U.S. in Jan. 2005 to study communication - it was the first time for me to go abroad.
I got an A.A. degree in speech communication in California, and B.A. degree in psychology at umich (+ music minor).

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wonderful Reunion with my Umich Friends!!


Actually, I visited my Umich friends in Korea and Hong Kong 2 and half months ago!

We met for the first time since I graduated in 2007.

I had dinner with 2 of my Korean friends in Seoul,

(N Seoul Tower is seen behind us →)

flied to Hong Kong,
(←in-flight meal was bibimbap!)

then, had delicious yum cha,
climbed to the 100th floor of a building,
and enjoyed the brilliant night view with my Hong Kong friend.

(The million dollar nighttime lights was unbelievably beautiful)

I appreciate my friend taking me around and letting me stay at her home.
(← luxury house!)

(←The milk tea in Hong Kong was very rich taste!)

Everything was wonderful in this trip, but the best thing was that I could meet my Umich friends again!!!

I was really happy to see and talk with you guys~~~
Come visit me in Japan sometime :)

 (Gift from Korean friend↓)
(Gift from Hong Kong friend↑)  

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Totally changed...

→ 日本語ページ

Some days ago, I said I came back to Facebook, but I noticed my blog was not importing to facebook... Also, I was so confused that facebook page had TOTALLY changed while I didn't log in!
What is timeline!? Where has my wall gone!?!?
So, I needed some time to understand what was going on and organize my mixed page...
Now, maybe I can restart facebook again :) I am really sorry for keeping ppl who have sent me friend requests waiting...

I'm gonna go to my junior high school reunion again tonight♪
Actually, second time in this week...
Summer is fun~~!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Long time no see~

→ 日本語ページ

I came back on Facebook (and mixi) for the first time in years!

Many ppl had sent me friend requests... I'm so sorry to have left them...

Facebook has spread in Japan in these few years. But, since I created my facebook account when I was in Michigan, almost all of my friends are English users... So, I decided to keep my facebook page as the English page, and lead Japanese friends to my Japanese blog. The blog is somewhat old though... I apologize for that = (

Well... I will try to update and check, but might not appear on facebook so often... Please allow me X0

Anyway, I'm glad to chat with my friends after a long interval!
I wonder if I have been forgotten...
Don't forget me! Keep in touch!!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2 years have passed after I went back to Japan...

Annual series, "● years have passed after I went back to Japan."

I came back to my apartment to write this article although I have not finished my VTR editing...(awesome!)

Actually, every yearend reminds me that I came back to Japan at the end of the year 2007. What comes up to my mind is... how my current situation looks from former self, I wrote the blog article at the U.S. Airport before departure, everyone in both Michigan and California gave me hearty send-offs, etc...

Time goes by, but precious time and experiences given from many people would remain in me, and I also hope to offer people around me wonderful memories that everyone wishes to retain.

These days, compared to last year, it seems I have some room to breathe.
Today, I cooked chicken ham, since a senior staff in my company had taught me the recipe. The chicken had been soaked for 2days, and today, I could finally cook and eat. Very easy to cook, but the taste was real ham!!

I hope I would finish up my VTR editing by tomorrow sunset and spend New Year's Eve at my family home this year!

Have a great 2010!

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Umich alumni association

This weekend, I attended the Umich alumni association in Japan.

( ↓ A lot of bussiness cards!)
The members, about 20 ppl, were different in ages and courses (undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral), so I could not find any person of my generation.

Most ppl I talked with had been graduate or doctoral students in 80s-90s.
Only one person and I were from undergraduate.
(Certainly, I had not seen Japanese students in undergraduate classes...)

Some members launched brilliant businesses, other members work at big companies making good use of their experiences in umich, and there were also non-Japanese members who live and work in Japan. I was really encouraged by meeting and chatting with them!

In the room, a professor of umich, who came all the way from Michigan, explained recent Ann Arbor and Umich showing pictures. I was surprised that new buildings had already been built in this one and half years after I graduated.

At the mention of the recent U.S. recession, the prof said although the State of Michigan is in trouble, such as bankruptcy of GM, economic situation of Umich is good!
(Even if they are in a harsh economic condition, I cannot help now...)
According to the prof, famous private universities are having difficulties in managing, and cannot help relying on endowment and reducing their education quality. On the other hand, since Umich is state-funded, we are subsidized by the State and will NOT have to lower the level of education and research.


Umich helps the State by releasing great study results and developing human resources.

In talking with the prof and the fellows, who graduated from the same campus in Ann Arbor,
I felt, again, that
I was REALLY happy I had been a student of the University of Michigan!
(Of course, I have thought so all along though : )

I hope I would repay their favor by making ppl happy in society using the experience in Umich.

Yeah, I will try!

I know it's getting long, but let me continue.
This time, I met my friends who live in the Kanto area!
At first, I hung out with my previous roomie, Minasong, in Yokohama☆
Her hair got so long, like a fashion model!
It was the first time for me to get off at Yokohama station, so she showed me around. I will visit again!

After that, I met white Soji in Shibuya. He was still like a boy.
He took me to a cafe where his friend, Mr. Kato works.
 (←Mr. Kato made. Wonderful! Cute♪)

Mr. Kato is a good magician. He showed us memorable magic!
Thank you!!

Did u guys notice Soji is becoming 31 years old this month!?

Including my high school friend, Junjun, everyone who spent time for me in this weekend, thank you very much!

Another fair-skinned girl, who was somehow in Los Angels, and ppl who couldn't meet up with this time, see you again!

Please also come to my place : )

Bye now~

I gotta work tomorrow...

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